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Tamakachi also known as the Sage of the Eight Paths (守護者仙人, Guardian Sennin) is a Sage that created the Tailed Beasts for God.


Tamakachi is a young boy with light blond hair, a fair complexion, blue eyes and wears jam jar glasses. His typical attire consists of an 1800's, higher class, London-style outfit with long white sleeves, ending in purple cuffs, and purple shorts. These are accompanied with purple military style boots which end in steel toecaps, a gentlemen's purple top hat which covers his head, and a short purple cape which is attached to his body by a metal fixture in the shape of an 'X' and has a sort of cowbell hanging from it. As he was Grown, Tamakachi also sported a short goatee in his younger years which tapered down to his waist in his old age. He inherited horn-like protrusions on his forehead from his mother.


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Mama Laura gave birth to Takamachi. The Sage has a friend that was a Soumei Uchiha. He was Adopted by Izanagi and Izanami. The unnamed woman was attracted to the Sage of the Eight Paths and fell in love with him and gave birth to the elder son. Knowing this, he chose to entrust his strength, dream, and legacy to his two sons. The older son, who inherited his "eyes" (his powerful chakra and spiritual energy), believed that power was the true key to peace. On his Deathbed, He Chose his Elder Son to carry on God's plan of establishing peace throughout the world. He created the Tailed Beasts as one of God's Creations.



Sage of the Eight Paths' JutsuEdit

Gaurdro of Barahir The Sage of the Eight Paths summons the Two Headed Serpent about God's Plan after creating the Tailed Beasts the Two Headed Serpent agreed about watching over the Reincarnated version of his Son.