Team Kyoji

Team Kyoji

Team Kyoji (チームが恭二) is the Group of Five Shinobi that stops Kuro Akatsuki from reviving the Ten-Tails. They are hailed as Five of the greatest ninja of their time.



Kyoji's Laser Bomb

Lazer Beam

Stopping the Ten Tails
  • Rank: Prince
  • Status: Completed

Shinjuku, San, Tsuki, Taiken and Riku were assigned by Kyoji Gekko to locate the Apsalus Dragon and shut the Eye of the Moon Plan Down permanently. This succeeded when the Hylian Federation and Team Okaina pulls the Nine Tailed Beasts from the Dragon Mobile Armor.

Mecha King Ghidroah vs Madara

Mecha Ghidorah vs Madara

Massive Attack
  • Rank: Prince
  • Status: Completed

Tsuki, Taiken and Riku were assigned by Kyoji Gekko to locate their childhood friends and rescue them from the attacking Unicorn Banshee and it succeeded.

Team Kyoji and Gundam vs Juubi

Juubi vs Team Kyoji

Eternal Flight
  • Rank: Family Head
  • Status: Completed

Tsuki and San were assigned by Kyoji Gekko to find and capture the remaining Kuro Akatsuki members in Ka Boa Bu before the Ten-Tails is revived if they could get their hands on the Nine Tailed Beasts. This mission succeeded that the Kuro Akatsuki members have children and finally stops the Mobile Armor from Transforming.

  • 'Rank Family Head
  • Status: Completed

When Team Okaina, Team Takashi and Team Kyoji accidentally make a creak in the library's floorboards, grabbing the dragon's attention, they all start scattering and purposely make sounds from different parts of the library, therefore confusing and distracting the librarian while Takashi gets the Shinto Books unnoticed.

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