Ten Tailed Scarf Strider

Ten Tailed Hien

Ten Tailed Strider is the primordial entity tied to the legend of the Link battling the Evil Spirit. Hien was the Tailed Beast's Name. It is sealed within Makoto Murakumo.


  • Hien


Hien resembles a Human with it's Tails resembling Scarves.


  • Nenshokei: Miok Gas (燃焼系 ミオークGAS Nenshōkei: Miōku Gasu?, literally meaning "Combustion System: Miok Gas"): Hien concentrates flammable gas in the area, then attacks by using the Miok Gas causing a big ball of fire to form and incinerates whoever is inside it.
  • Gastanet (ガスタネット Gasutanetto?): fills a pair of castanets with explosive gas and slams them together to create a massive gas explosion.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

Centuries before the founding of the Hidden Village, Link the Hylian Samurai sealed Ten Tailed Strider thus becoming the Jinjuriki. However, in the event of the Eight Headed Dragon, Ten Tailed Slider Prompted to control Link to give the Sword to Susanoo Uzumaki. Knowing this, Link lost his Sister after childbirth. Madara promptly controlled the Hylian containing Hien and uses it to battle in the Valley of The End with Hashirama. Madara combined his Susanoo with Hien, increasing the latter's offensive and defensive capabilities. Hashirama was able to remove the Strider from Susanoo and released the both the Tailed Beast from Madara's control, Thus freeing Link and Kurama being Subdued.


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