11 Tailed Pterosaur

The Evil Corrupt 11 Tailed Pterosaur was divided into 10 Tailed Beasts by Carl Klova

Legend of Carl KlovaEdit

In Dinosaur KingEdit

9 Years Ago, a 11 Tailed Hawk suddenly Appeared. It's Tails lashed out, spreading darkness and sending volcanoes attaking the 7 seas. One Wizard face the 11 Tailed Hawk in Mortal Combat. He used the Cosmos Stones to capture the beast and sealed it with in his own body. This Wizard was known as the Carl Klova- {Hira talking to his Eldest son Mizuichi and Daughter Cara Yamata}

Before Legend of YuriEdit

Carl Klova divides the the 11 tailed Hawk into 10 Powerful Tailed Beasts by using the Creation of all things dear sister- {Link the Hylian Samurai talking to Yuri}

in Modern TimesEdit

Some claimed it's myth but others think it's real my friend- Paul Kurosagi (Paul No Tsurugi) talking to Okami Yuki

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