Terrasaurus mor commonly known as Tetrasaurus or Tetrasarus is a genus Sauropod Dinosaur that survived the Extinction of the Dinosaurs for centuries.


Terrasaurus is a slender Brachiosaurus with frills on it's head.


Millions of Years Ago, after the Creation of the World by God, The group of the Terrasaurus appear, living their lives of what dinosaurs do. Terrasaurus eat plants and Leaves and they look up ahead, as rain begins to fall, and see the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He chases the leaf eater along with the dinosaurs, and bites the Stegosaurus' tail.Stegosaurus and the T-Rex both fight, with the T-Rex biting the Stegosaurus' neck and the Stegosaurus using his tail to beat the T-Rex. The dinosaurs look on while Stegosaurus did his last two hits and T-Rex bites his neck and brings him down, killing him. The Terrasaurus rammed the T-rex into the wall of snow that caused an avalanche. Just before T-Rex makes an attempt to attack the Terrasaurus but it's too late. The Avalanche buried the Terrasaurus and the T-Rex thus being frozen alive. The other Terrasaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus and the other Dinosaurs leaves after the sacrifice of one terrasaurus that easily defeated the T-rex. In the post-ice age North America, where the group of terrasaurus met Denahi and Kenai and Sitka. Centuries later, the Izumogakure Scientists found the frozen and alive Terrasaurus and the frozen T-rex. The Scientists have finally thawed the one Plant eater out of the Ice. Yulia keeps the Terrasaurus as her pet.



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