There's a party in Izumo (Reprise) is the second part of the There's a party in Izumo.  It was sang by Paul Gekko, Yuki Uzuki and others.


Paul Gekko: There's a party here in Izumo
And the party's all for me.
Just look, you guys, at where we are, And how our dreams have come to be!

Yuki Uzuki: There's a party here in Izumo
And I can't believe it's true After all this waiting, here we are
We'll finally get so say "I do!"

Paul Gekko: I never, ever had a real family

Yuki Uzuki:I never, ever had a real true friend

Both: Someone who could just understand me...

[Barks] Hey, c'mon, Aladdin, this mush has gotta end!

Five Sacred Masked Beasts & Five Shinobi of Eight Paths: There's a party here in Izumo And it's starting right away
Let's getcha dressed, 'cause you're the star!
Hey, c'mon, it's your wedding day!

Aladdin's gettin' married, and it's gonna be
The wedding of the century
Amazing how Aladdin could've come so far...

They're finally gettin' married!

They're finally gettin' married!

They're finally gettin' married!

Look at all these presents!

We're finally getting married!

[squeaks] You're finally gettin' married!

I'm finally gettin' married!

They're finally gettin' married
At the party in Izumo!!
[background (mumbling)]
Such a sight to see
Come on, go with me
To the party in Agrabah!

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