Thetis (テティス Tetisu?, lit. "Tethys") is a Childhood friend of Paul Gekko and a Childhood Friend of Kyoji Gekko. He is the chosen one for Model L, the Ice Mega Man. His friends are Atlas, Aeolus and Siarnaq.


Jinjuriki and Perfect Chaos

Thetis and the Jinjuriki

Thetis is a kind boy that loves swimming and the sea life, but he was in to a Swimming Competition and Pokemon Contest. Thetis chose Snivy as his starter Pokemon and was successful on being a Pokemon Coordinator. He made Friends with Paul Gekko's Ancestors for 10,000 years since it passed. Charuubi is being sealed in Thetis.


Thetis appears as a young boy with short blue hair styled into the infamous "ahoge". He is characterized by his innocent, vibrant expression. He wears his Mega Man jacket right under his Mega Man-inspired hoodie and also sports a pair of shorts. He also has a red triangle on his forehead, confirming his status as a Reploid.


He's a kind person who appears to be quite upstanding. He loves the ocean and sea life. He harbors animosity against mankind's criminal empire who were set to steal other people's powerful and rare Pokemon in the Pokemon Continent.


Megaman AbilitiesEdit

Model L grants Thetis many superhuman abilities, such as swimming at super speed, ice manipulation, and the ability to breathe underwater.

Chaos Emerald of ImmortalityEdit

The Chaos Emerald of Immortality is one of the four magical Chaos Emeralds sought by Henry. The Chaos Emerald of Immortality grants its wearer the ability to live forever.

Jinjuriki TansformationsEdit

Main article: Thetis Jinjuriki Forms

Like all of the Jinjuriki, Thetis is able to use certain abilities granted to them by their tailed beasts. By simply tapping into their beasts' chakra, a jinchūriki begins their initial transformation. They are surrounded by a layer of red, wispy chakra granting them enhanced strength, speed and healing.

Tailed BeastsEdit


  • Snivy
  • Minccino
  • Swoobat
  • Swanna
  • Deerling -> Sawsbuck


  • Paul Gekko- Childhood Friend
  • Kyoji Gekko- Childhood Friend
  • Yuki Uzuki- Adopted Sister
  • Ventus-Cousin
  • Naruto no Mikoto- Cousin


  • (To Paul Gekko) I'm Flattered. You remembered my Name just I like Snivy.
  • (To Yuki Uzuki) These are my Pokemon, Swanna, Minccino, Sawsbuck and Swoobat.
  • (To Paul Gekko when showing the Book of Genesis and revealing the true origin) Ten Years Ago in Izumo, After the Creation of our home, Humans and Pokemon started living in the Sea. The Prince of Truth and Prince Ideal have 2 Legendary Pokemon, Reshiram and Zekrom. However the fight of Two Princes have been led to the War leave Reshiram and Zekrom turned into Stones. As they realize the mistake, It was too late. The Fortress Sea Dragon have terrorized the village. The Rice Lake Princess was chosen to be eaten by the dragon. Then Storm Prince appeared saved the princess bringing peace to this... I mean our home. He fought bravely against the Dragon until then. The Storm Prince have sealed the Beast within the Shinobi of the Sky for Nine Hundred Years to never rise once again. {十数年前出雲で、私たちの家の作成した後、人間とポケモンは海に住んでました。真実とプリンス理想の王子様2伝説のポケモン、レシラムとゼクロムを持っている。しかし二つの王子の戦いは戦争休暇レシラムにつながったとゼクロムは、ストーンズになってきた。彼らは間違いを実現するように、それは遅すぎた。要塞シードラゴンは村を恐怖に陥れています。ライスレイク姫は竜に食われるために選ばれました。その後ストーム王子はこれに平和をもたらす王女を救っ登場...私は私たちの家を意味する。彼はそれまでドラゴンに対して勇敢に戦った。嵐の王子は再び上昇しないように九百年のためにスカイの忍の中に獣を封印した。 (十数年前出雲, De, watashitachi no ie o sakusei shita nochi, pokemon to ningen wa umi ni sunde ita. Watashi wa purinsu risō to shinjitsu, zekuromu to reshiramu no 2 densetsunopokemon no ōji o motte iru. Shikashi, zekuromu wa, ōji no uchi no 2tsu no sutōnzu no tatakai ni natte, sensō kyūka reshiramu ni tsunagatta. Karera wa machigai o jitsugen suru yō ni, sore wa oso sugita. Yōsai umi Tatsumura o kyōfu ni otoshīrete iru. Raisureiku hime wa ryū ni kuwa reru tame ni eraba remashita. Gaikan... Watashi wa, kore wa sonogo, watashitachi no ie arashi no ōji o imi ni heiwa o motarasu tame no hime o sukutta. Kare wa sore ni doragon ni taishite yūkan ni tatakatta. Sore ga futatabi jōshō shinai yō ni, arashi no ōji 900-nen no tame ni shinobu no sora ni kemono o fūin shita.)}
  • (Praising Paul) I'm in touch Paul and your not much Older than me.


  • Thetis was loosely based on Thetis from Megaman ZX series.