Full Appearence Ten Tails

Mushasame's Tailed Beast

Three Mushasame is able to use certain abilities granted to them by the Ten-Tails.

Armor ModeEdit

Three Mushasame as Mu-12

Mushasame Armor Mode

Three Mushasame takes the form of Mu-12 and her Partial Mode has to be Ten Tails.

Tailed Beast ModeEdit

Three Mushasame's Tailed Beast State

Mushasame Juubi Mode

Her Tailed Beast Mode is a grotesque bulb-like body with spiky protrusions growing out of its back and a wide, cavernous mouth with multiple rows of sharp, pointed teeth, as well as a spiked chin. It had long arms and clawed hands, but no visible hind-legs. It also had dark veins similar to those of a plant all over its body, and the endings of its tails resembled leaf buds, which unfurled as the beast matured.

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