Turbo King is the was the racing game that Paul Turbo starred in before entering the strange world filled with Legends.


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It presumably was made around the same time as Fix-It Felix, Jr., due to it being set up next to Fix-It Felix, Jr. when the arcade first opened 30 years ago. Turbo King was once one of the most popular games in Izumo Arcade, and Turbo loved the attention. When Mr. Litwak installed a new racing game, RoadBlasters, the 3 year old boy named Shinto and his Elder Sister, Shiki who caught sight of a wishing star and wished that the Paul Turbo to become a real boy. When his home was visited by the Rainbow Fairy, who brought Paul Turbo to life and Paul Turbo's half was brought to life in the Turbo King and Shiki become his official conscience to tell him right from wrong, for, if Paul Turbo proved himself brave, truthful and unselfish, he would be transformed into a real boy. Shiki and Shinto discovered the video game character is alive and celebrated along with their Parents. The next morning, Paul Turbo is ready for school, In the world of Fix-it-Felix Jr the Video Game, Felix and the Nicelanders find Q*bert, who tells Felix that Paul has gone to Izumogakure.

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