Tyrannosaurus Rex


Tyrannosaurus Rex are species of predatory theropod dinosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous Period around 65 million years ago.


Tyrannosaurus Rex is Gigantic and slender dark blue, Five fingers on both arms, red devilish eyes.


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The Tyrannosaurus makes his first appearance as he attacks the dinosaurs of the lowlands. They all stare in horror in his general direction as rain begins to fall and lightning crackles when the massive theropod enters the scene. They immediately continue to retreat in fear as the Tyrannosaurus marches forward, snapping his jaws at anything that moves. While many of the smaller dinosaurs are able to retreat out of the hungry theropod's path, the Stegosaurus is unable to move away fast enough and is quickly targeted. The Tyrannosaurus latches his brawany jaws around the Stegosaurus' tail just above the spikes, dragging his heels into the mud and bringing the lumbering dinosaur's retreat to a suspensful haul. The Stegosaurus faces his attacker who roars violently and quickly goes for the neck with his thick square jaws. In defense, the Stegosaurus lashes out with his spiked tail, trying desperately to keep the hungry theropod at bay. After a few brief lashouts and defensive volleys by the two titans, they begin to slowly sidestep each other. A short yet vicious battle follows and the Stegosaurus is quickly unable to stay on his feet as the Tyrannosaurus time and time against goes for the neck, fighting hard against the defending tail spikes of his prey. With the battle won and his prey fallen, the Tyrannosaurus lets out a mighty roars in victory as the other dinosaurs watch. With the struggle over and the predator satisfied, the other dinosaurs return to their buisness as the Tyrannosaurus gorges on his prize. With T-rex's meal finished, the Terrasaurus rammed the T-Rex into the Wall of Snow that caused a mighty avalanche. Enraged, the T-rex tries to bites Terrasaurus on it's leg but it was too late, the Avalanche easily buried the Terrasaurus and the mighty ruler of the Cretaceous Period alive. Many Years Later, The Tyrannosaurus was easily revived by Izumogakure Scientists and was put into Jurassic Park only to find a Female Tyrannosaurus. The Two T-Rexs mated and have twin baby T-rexs.

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