Ultimate Ferrok

Ultimate Ferrok

Ultimate Ferrok is the leader and commander of the armies of the Iron Legion. He is the Counterpart of Lord Ferrok.


  • "This is my world! I now stand on the brink of absolute dominion."
  • "Legion, attack!"
  • "The legion shall not be undone. Kusanagi. You are a Young Prince who was crowned as King. And with a different shape than you had up to now, you will be shown a righteous path, different from the time you spent inside of me. …Until that time…"


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Early Life and LegacyEdit

Ferrok was the only known ruler of the Iron Legion and Heaven Tail, Ferrok also pioneered the first known edition of a Battlestation. Iron Legion began to invade other nations around the world. Every nation that opposed them such as the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories were conquered, until Dark God ordered all Ferrok's troops to return to the fatherland to defend it from the invaders; the Solar Empire, he led his Legion from victory to victory against his enemies, thwarting every strategy Qa-Len attempted to use against the Iron Legion, out of options, Empress Qa-Len ordered an full-scale invasion on shores of Xylvania only to fail miserably, however, she also had another strike battalion infiltrated via Air Transport, one the Assault Troopers carried the Staff of Qa-Len, the key to a weapon of mass destruction, unfortunately, the battalion was spotted and was bombed to oblivion and the staff was dropped, in a stroke of luck, two children survived the invasion attempt and managed to take the staff, with the power of the staff he was able to make their way through the Iron Legion and their Battle station. However, Dark God lost trust to Humanity, Ferrok led his Legion to enslave the Humans who has Chakra. Kusanagi Gekko and Manny D. Kyosuke coordinates, the Final Battle, sealing Dark God and Ferrok was pleased to see Kusanagi as his personal Commander of his armies and his Iron Tower. The Iron Legion's Armies were Shinobi and Wizards. On his Deathbed, Ferrok was pleased to see Dark Aura chosen Kusanagi as the King of Shinobi and his future successor. This permanently ended the Legion's reign and beings a new reign of Hylians.