Urama is the Teacher of Paul Gekko and Bastia the Jinjurikis of the Yamata no Orochi.


Urama was a woman of average height with a slim, curvaceous figure. She had short dark purple hair that was kept at chin length. Due to her training methods, Urama wore light clothing in the cold weather. This clothing consisted of a tan jacket with a black collar, jeans and a red tank top. Her "training" gear consisted of a green-colored bra coupled with a pair of green underwear.


Paul Gekko ArcEdit

When Kagemaru is Born, Urama had felt a light shining into her heart and dreamed of a future full of hope for her daughter. One Day, Bastia was her first pupil, but she took Paul Gekko in as her second pupil after Gray's hometown was destroyed by Deliora. After some difficulties, the two began to bond and Urama saw both Paul and Bastia as her own children. She then trained them in the ways of Ice-Make Magic, in which one of the training trials required the three to strip, which is supposedly why both Paul and Bastia have a stripping problem. As she used to take care of two kids, the others thought she was their mother, which was why men didn't approach her. She didn't seem to be bothered, though, which was seen in a flashback where she stormed away angrily after a shop owner told her it was time to start thinking about her own happiness. When Paul Gekko ran off to defeat the Body of the Ten Tails, Urama intervened. It was during her battle against the Gedo Juubi that she told were everything she needed to be happy, and that she and her daughter had come to get that happiness back. She used Iced Shell to seal the Gedo Statue forever, but it had caused her to become the ice that is necessary for the process to go on.


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