Utakata Uzumaki was the jinchūriki of Yamata Bagu — the Six-Tails. He's capable of using the Six-Tails' chakra in various and different levels, and was able to control the power up to the sixth tail. In the past, the Six-Tails has already manifested while protecting his vessel from any harm; but because of his power, he swore to never use it again.


Initial FormEdit

By using the Six-Tails' chakra, Utakata was capable of releasing its power and as such, turn the tide of battle in his favour. In contrast to Naruto, Utakata's eyes turn a different shade of yellow while displaying this power, but he doesn't have any other changes like Paul Gekko. With this, his physical power and chakra increase considerably making it possible for him to free himself from powerful restraints, such as Shiranami's Character Bind Technique. In this form, he displays the ability to manipulate his chakra into waves and blast, capable of overwhelming any opposition.


Known JinchurikiEdit

  • Utakata Uzumaki

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