Viridia (2019)

Viridia is the guardian of the Wish Seed and the Protector of the Kingdom of Hyrule's Death Mountain.


Viridia stands out as a very large creature, about ten to twelve meters tall. While he mostly resembles a phoenix, she also possesses some peacock-like traits such as a long, slender neck and long eye-spotted feathers as its tail feathers and on his abdomen and head. In his natural form, he has a beautiful multi-colored glowing plumage, complete with a golden torso, neck and tail, violet wings with a golden edge, and a green and red head with violet eyes.


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Many eons have passed since the creation of the Multiverse, Viridia foresees the Wish Seed being placed in the fully erected temple in the heart of Death Mountain by the Gorons. 40 years later, the Kingdom of Hyrule as the neighbor to the Mushroom Kingdom.