White Legacy

White legacy

White Legacy (ホワイトレガシー) is an Ancient Ship which the Humans called the thing, God's covenant.


Built by the original Thunder Strike's Team, Team Cyclone, the engines are older than the team combined, and although temperamental, they still have the might to push the great vessel through grueling journeys. The bridge lies in the bow and has the best visibility on the ship, including a couple of sixty-foot periscopes for traveling in cloud cover. Behind that lies the blacksmith shop and Piper’s darkroom for crystal nurturing, as well as living quarters and the kitchen. Finally, hatches lead to the squadron’s Air Skimmer bay and repair area, lining the airship’s lower decks. Turret cannons can be manned on either side of the bridge, and the Hangers.


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End of Creation ArcEdit

Thunder Strike Launches

Thunder Strike and the White Legacy

The White Legacy was used by Kuro no Mikoto to battle the Black Demon. The White Legacy was sent on a Mission given by the Queen, is to capture a Giant Scorpion Cake in the Eastern Beach of America and bring it to her Palace which Kuro no Mikoto and his team completed it. The White Legacy is Kokori no Mikoto and Kokiri no Mikoto's ship that was piloted by Asahi no Mikoto. The White Legacy was the Ancient Ship that traveled around Izumo. Taanko is one of the crew members that follows orders of Asahi as it's captain.

Known CaptainsEdit

Known CrewEdit

Mobile SuitsEdit


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