Legend of Delta

Hylian Year

Hylian Year is one of the timelines of the Naruto anime metaseries. The Japanese is 宇宙世紀 (Muchū Seiki) or literally "Space Century". The Century starts after humans begin to populate space, after construction of the first space colony side at Side 1 was completed. It has been the primary Gundam timeline, although only eight of the 17 animated or live-action projects released since 1995 have been strictly set in this timeline.

The Universal Century science is practical and makes use of true science including the Lagrangian point in space, the O'Neill cylinder as a living environment, and energy production from Helium-3 (named Minovsky Physics). It was a ceremony for the Gekko Clan.

1st YearEdit

December 25, 0001- Carl Klova was Born.

January 7, 0002- The Ten Tailed Beasts were created.

Febuary 4, 0002- Hylian Federation was born.

March 8, 0003- Madara Dies in Action.

April 9, 0003- Susano seals the Eight Headed Serpent into Honey D. Paul when he was born.

May 7, 0003- Fourth Hokage (Minato) seals the Kyuubi no Kitsune into his own son, Naruto Uzumaki.

July 15, 0004- Hylians Builted Mobile Suits and Space Colonies and other Technology.

August 11 0004- Digimon, Pokemon and Other Creatures and other Worlds are Born.

December 8, 0005- Republic of Zeon, Deva, and other Organizations were Born and Created.

Janurary 8, 0019- Utakata and Hotaru joined the Hylians

2nd YearEdit

Januray 1, 0029- Honey D. Okaina was born.

Febuary 9, 0079- Digimon Tamers was born.

March 8, 0079- Honey D. Paul operates the PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam and joins the Federation and the Tamers.

December 9, 0099- Coordinators and Naturals were born.

December 21, 1000- Hylians celebrates Christmas Time.

Janurary 1, 1002- Anja Mita was born.

Febuary 7, 1002- Raiken was born.

3rd YearEdit

January 1, 1003- Tamers and Hylians Celebrates the Wedding of Paul and Okaina.

Janurary 2, 1003- Kyosuke and Hyo were born.

July 15, 1990- Lord of the Beans begin.