• Tree Form
  • Yggdrasil's Beast Form

Yggdrasil is the Giant Tree that was located at the Yggdrasil Island.


Yggdrasil is a Tree with a red-coloured Rinnegan containing several tomoe. When a Person consumes the Fruit, the Person becomes a Mage, In Yggdrasil's Tailed Beast Form, It posseses a cyclops-like humanoid with long, spike-like protrusions on its back and ten tails. It also had dark veins similar to those of a plant all over its body, and the endings of its tails resembled leaf buds, which unfurled as the beast matured.


Chakra FruitEdit

Yggdrasil Fruit

Yggdrasil's Fruit

The Yggdrasil is also capable of producing a fruit imbued with tremendous chakra. In order to create a fruit, the tree must take root on the planet and begin to absorb both the natural energy and chakra from within. Once ripe, the fruit can then be eaten, granting the one who eats it comparable power to that of the Mage and the Tailed Beast.


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