Yoshitora Tokugawa (徳川 慶寅, Tokugawa Yoshitora) is the Hero and supporter of the Hylian Federation and the Leader of the Tokugawa Clan and a former Student of Gaoh.


The appearence of Yoshitora was the same appearence as the ones in Samurai Showdown Series.


His Personality is the Same as Susanoo Uzumaki's Personality.


Yoshitora tokugawa by raindante-d3iw78t


He is the sole heir to the reigning shogun and former student of Minato no Mikoto and Gaoh. More interested in women and partying than politics, he runs away from his home, refusing to be the next ruler. Gaoh, believing Japan would only prosper if Yoshitora were to rule, starts a rebellion in hopes of luring his student back. In his ending, he questions his former master's motives. Gaoh explains that the shogun ruling before Yoshitora is uncaring to the people and continuing under his rule would only bring famine and desecration to the people. He pleas with his pupil to become shogun. Realizing the responsibility of his role for the first time, Yoshitora finally agrees to his former master's request.

Paul Gekko ArcEdit

As shogun, he meets Paul Gekko in a duel, asking the latter to join him and help him on saving his comerades. Paul Gekko replies that if he wins, he'll join Yoshitora. They fight but the result of their match is a Tie.

Ten Tails ArcEdit

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Anna's Yggdrasil Family was born who is more friendly to Paul Gekko. Yggdrasil Island was guarded by the Yggdrasil Guardians. Paul Gekko realised that Yulia and Yuki Uzuki were Twins born by the Hand of God. Paul Gekko was spying on the Songs and Hyms were eventually to be learned by Tear Grants and Van Grants at the Castle when singing and counting Pokemon. Paul Gekko warns Yulia and Yuki by using the Ryuseken No Tsurugi as the Singing Microphone (Under the Sea). In the Middle of the Song, Tear Grants discovers that Yulia and Yuki Uzuki were twins. She crosses through a portal and breaks into the Fabre manor where she finds Van feigning as young Luke Fon Fabre's swordmaster and mentor, and encounter Paul Gekko and the Twins. Before the song ends, Luke Fon Fabre intervenes, causing an isofon-induced hyperressonance which transports the five away into Izumogakure. Yoshitora helps Paul Gekko defeat the Ten Tails and save the world from the Kuro Akatsuki. Paul Gekko's aunt shows up and is about to hurt the entire Four Noble Clans for what just happened.