Yuki is the Guardian of the Great Gekko Family.


Yuki is a strong and determined woman who wants to make peace with her siblings' strife. She becomes more morose and soft-spoken once she learns of her destiny as the sacrificial maiden but retains her tough will to live. She cares romantically for Moriya, though she never admits her feelings to him.


Yuki resembles to the Yuki from Last Blade Series. Yuki has blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a white sleeveless gi in the style of a kimono, a white obi around her waist, blue headband and fingerless gloves and blue sheer pantyhose and brown sandals. She evenly wields a Bodan, a naginata.


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Early LifeEdit

Yuki is the daughter of a foreign family that managed ship trades and Paul Gekko's close friend; unfortunately, her family died in a ship accident. She is later adopted by the Izumogakure Woman named Kimi who who trains her along with two other friends Moriya Minakata and Kaede Buxaplenty. Unlike her fellow companions, she picks up the naginata instead of the katana as her foster mother that her strength could adapt better to the polearm. She also secretly harbors feelings for Moriya over the course of her training.



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