Yuki Hyuga

Yuki Hyuga was a Kind Hearted Ninja was translated to Snow Ninja of Darkness and Dark Snow Ninja in English.


Yuki's Counterpart

Yuki Hyuga 2

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Yuki Hyuga was lost child roaming through the woods being chased by the mysterious Robotic Owl named Clockwerk. Yuki was rescued by Okami Yuki and was adopted by Paul Kurosagi. Yuki shared many adventures with her new adopted brother and sister for 1995 years in the land of Nippon. Yuki have helped paul kurosagi slay the Fortezza Gundam for 1995 years and was going with her brother and sister to the celestial plains. Yuki Hyuga was a Child of the Great Hyuga Clan.

In Naruto SeriesEdit

Yuki Hyuga appeared as Hinata Hyuga battling the Honeybee Ninja pack and falls asleep in the comatoses

Yuki Hyuga's First Apperance


Okami Yuki- Adopted Sister

Paul Kurosagi- Adopted Brother

Hinata Hyuga- Counterpart

Hayate Hyuga- Father (Deceased)


  • Yuki Hyuga bears the resemblance Hinata Hyuga.

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