Yuki Uchiha

Yuki Uchiha

Yuki Uchiha was Jedi-Type Shinobi and a Member of the Uchiha Trio. She was a Sith Apprentice of Darth Vader and a Ally of Tanukin Skywalker. She was the founder of the Black Empire.


Darth Martel


Yuki's Appearence was a Loving and Caring Girl similar to Anakin Skywalker and Yuki from Last Blade Series.


Yuki's Personality was Loosely based on Yurin the X rounder who died in the Battle of Ambat.


Kaede UchihaEdit

Kaede Uchiha was a Older Brother of Yuki Uchiha.

  • Personality: Worried and Gentle
  • Appearence:  Similar to Kaede from Last Blade Series.
Moriya UchihaEdit

Moriya Uchiha was a Oldest Brother of Yuki Uchiha.

  • Personality: Daring and Courageous and Aggressive
  • Appearence: Similar to Moriya from Last Blade Series and Naruto Uzumaki.


Tanukin SkywalkerEdit

Originally Paul Gekko, was a Loving and Caring Ally of the Hylians.


  • Yuki Uchiha have fallen to the Dark Side was the resemblance to Darth Revan.

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