Ten-Tailed Slider

Ten-Tailed Slider meeting the Rave Warrior in Battle.

Yukitabi was the Ten-Tailed Slider and was one of the strongest of the Tailed Beasts.


Many Years Ago, The Yukitabi was the fiercest of the Shadow Guard Army and destroyed the Empire. Before the Five Shinobi of Eight Paths were born. The Rave Warrior was able to seal the Dragon within Miharu no Mikoto. After the Sealing of Ten Tails, Miharu no Mikoto became Friends with Kyoji Gekko, who died as the Jinjuriki of the Eight Heads. When Miharu was full of fear and Danger because Kyoji died dued to Old Age, Yukitabi promptedly tapped into Miharu's Chakura and goes into a Full Rampage attacking and destroying the Rabarrier leaving Solasido, Rua and Remi alive with the other survivors.


The Appearence of Ten Tails was the Dragon-Humanoid Apperance with Large Wings and it's tails were bushier. It appears to have a golden skin colour. It wore the standard outfit complete with a forehead protector that it wore as a bandanna, flak jacket and regular shinobi sandals.


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