Yumegakure (2016)

Yumegakure (夢隠れの里, Yumegakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden Among Dreams") is a small village that appears in Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive. It is located in a deep forest of a tiny country, near the border of Izumo and is led by Enzo Tenro. Ninja of this village seem to specialise in more powerful combat-oriented versions of the Transformation Technique. The village's forehead protector carries three sleeping "Z" symbols. Before its destruction by the Fortress Gundam the village was positioned in a flat valley surrounded by forests and mountains, with a bridged river running through it. The buildings were similar in architectural style to those of Japan's Edo period. It is known to be lead by Paul Gekko of Izumo.


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According to Paul Gekko, the village was founded by the Amagiri clan and was led by them in the past. However, the Tenro clan were the ones who sealed the Three-Heads and as a result, gained control of the village and the Amagiri were exiled. The village then became known for its control of the massive guardian beast, and because of that Konohagakure formed a pact of peace with Yumegakure, so that they could keep it in check. At some point in the past, the village have seen in the Izumo Incident and was in a state of poverty until recently.