Yurin is the related girl in Paul Gekko Arc. She is the love interest of Riku. Yurin is a Member of the Mizu Clan.


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Paul Gekko ArcEdit

Yurin was living a peaceful life until the Kuro Akatsuki attacked her Home Colony orbiting the Planet Dens, Kagaru. During the ensuing chaos of the evacuation, Yurin was discovered by Riku and his RX-78-10 Wing Gundam Bijuu. Never having seen the machine, Yurin fled in fear but stopped after Riku revealed he was not an enemy. He had her enter the Gundam with him so they could reach the Hylian Federation's new battleship, White Angel to escape. However the floor beneath them collapsed and thus were lost in the lower levels of the colony. Yurin was able to guide him out of the colony and even predicted how (foretelling of an attack by a Blaster Elmeth). Afterwards aboard the White Angel, the civilians are picked up by a Federation ship, so Riku and Yurin bid each other farewell, with Yurin giving Riku her ribbon as a token of thanks and as she leaves asks him if they will meet again. Yurin reunited with Riku while the crew was on shore leave. While the White Angel as being upgraded by the AGE System, Yurin and Riku spent time together around the picturesque scenery of Minsry.

Birth of Ventus ArcEdit

After Riku and the White Angel crew departed the colony, Black Zetsu approached Yurin about needing her X-Rounder powers and threatened her into resurrecting Kaguya Ōtsutsuki with the consequence of never seeing Riku again. Yurin reluctantly complied and was taken to Earth Land where the Battle of the Eclipse takes place and black zetsu shows the Gedo Juubi being placed in the Hidden Temple. After Kaguya's Revival, Black Zetsu placed Yurin on top the Head of the Ten Tails for Paul Gekko's Final Battle. Yurin immediately spotted Riku and his Teammates, and she came between Atlas Flame and Riku. She declared her excitement to see Riku, who was shocked at her appearance on the battlefield. However, Black Zetsu makes the Ten Tails more focused on Paul Gekko, rendering Yurin a helpless hostage. When the Juubi, Kaguya and the Black Demon prepares the Bijuu Bomb like it was 67 Years Ago to strike Paul Gekko, Yurin managed to get control of the Juubi after Simon takes the Hit and put the Juubi in the path of the Motherglare crashing into the Eclipse Gate taking the blow for Riku. Since the Juubi takes the Crash into the Eclipse Gate, Yurin told Flit that living was difficult, and that she wanted to be with him forever. Paul Gekko managed to retrieve the unconscious Yurin and heal her so that she can be with Riku.


  • Riku- Love Interest

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